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The President’s speeches have reflected this perseverance in the past months, as references to America’s flagging economy have been phased out little by little in favor of fiery rhetoric about Saddam Hussein and his alleged weapons of mass destruction. My close friends, the feasible repercussions of war with Iraq at this juncture have been talked over ad infinitum in the mass media.

The U. S. singlehandedly deposing Saddam could very properly destabilize the complete area and direct to enhanced terrorist assaults on the U.

S. and its interests overseas. It will lead to ill will with our allies and endanger the progress of the war on terrorism. It will also be disastrous, if not for the U.

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S. and its navy adult men and ladies, then for the civilians of Iraq, who presently dwell without problems reach the goal of any number of rid psn codes almost working free playstation network codes 2012 get without charge psn codes and cards try green living together with soon undeeath crushing poverty and continuous anxiety of invasion. Saddam has proclaimed that he will take a war with the U. S.

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to the streets of Baghdad. How lots of innocents would be killed in this sort of a battle? Whether or not you concur with these assertions, you will have to at the very least confess they are legitimate conces. And but, the President and his cabinet have dismissed them, if not just overlooked them entirely.

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At 1st, I was not sure about the factors for Bush’s just one-observe brain on this problem. Possibly the leaders of our good nation are undeeath the perception that war will increase our nation’s financial system, or at least distract us from it. Most likely Bush is hoping to avenge his father’s faults in the war-to area.

Maybe their claims about Saddam Hussein’s status as an intercontinental menace are authentic, despite the fact that this is doubtful. These two basic goods may possibly assistance help save hundreds of lives.

As I sat pondering the President’s motives one particular day, it all of a sudden dawned on me that it is solely very likely our Commander in Chief has under no circumstances played a one video clip sport in his existence. Of system! I exclaimed, startling my girlfriend, who was driving at the time. Without the need of the catharsis that video clip video games present, Bush has no way of satisfying his militaristic fantasies other than basically combating wars. Our training course of action is clear, my close friends: We should assistance this gentleman, and in so executing, support these whose lives will be affected by a entire-scale invasion.

We of course cannot rely on that Bush will at some point explore video video games himself. They are not of his era, and he is an particularly hectic male aside from. It is up to us, America, and so I suggest the following: We should pool our money and invest in Bush a PlayStation 2. To this conclusion, the Obtain Bush a PlayStation two campaign asks for your donations. Any quantity is appreciated. With your enable, we system to elevate the sum of $270, which will be used to the purchase of: One (one) Sony PlayStation 2 game console, MSRP $199.

S. Navy SEALs, MSRP $59. The remaining $ten. 02 will be utilised to address delivery to the White Dwelling at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Washington D. C. Any total contributed in excess of the $270 mark will be refunded to the donor. The adhering to letter will be involved with the presents: Dear Mr. President: I represent a tiny consortium of voters who are deeply conceed over your proposed military services action in Iraq. Presented the quantity of public speech and political rhetoric you have devoted to this issue in previous months, it appears to be to us as although you are extra intrigued in actively playing commando than in fighting an real war with true human casualties.


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