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No designer wants to be turned down when publishing blog on the Application Keep. Many of us trust this process will go efficiently once, but there are several refined rules and configurations which ought to be &Number8220just suitable&Number8221 prior to The apple company will issue your application.

Choosing Effortless Solutions Of app promotion

The apple company can deny your iphone app in several ways during the distribution approach. The most prevalent are most likely:

    1. Automatically if you upload the app with Request Loading machine
    2. On account of IDFA use
    3. Through apple company Link up
    4. Carrying out a man review of your software

Make it possible for&Number8217s look at every one of these and also the motives through which they may matter a denial.

1) Instantly via Application Loader

Application Loading machine is designed to scan your app bunch to see points that would refuse you instantly. The great thing is that it swiftly red flags problems with no you needing to wait for an man evaluation, an operation which can go on a week or higher.

Whilst the messages from The apple company can be tricky to figure out, they&#8217re commonly very clear about in admob id which the difficulty is placed. Many of them focus on the string &#8220ITMS-9000: &#8220, so searching for that line might not result in useful information. So you will need to look at the communication and look for your matter.

A single common an example may be:

&Number8220The package deal [pack identify] at deal journey [package deal route] will not be authorized applying Apple distribution document.&#8221

This means that you have a symptom in often your certs, tips, or provisioning information, or that you just picked the incorrect type of provisioning user profile. In the event you go through all of those other communication, it could uncover the truth trigger.

When you made an effort to publish a Improvement: os Practical application Progress develop or Circulation: Ad Hoc develop, the correct is simple — just make certain you&#8217re distributing a Distribution: App Retail store build.

Another popular matter that the accreditation have out of date and have been corrupted a place as you go along. The answer is generally to clean out your Keychain Accessibility from inside Utility bills. ensuring that you get the car keys and, later, create sets from damage.

&#8220Missing suggested icon file. The package deal isn’t going to incorporate an application star for [product] of particularly [dimension] p, in .png data format for iOS designs >Is equal to 7.&#8230&Number8221

The star document in question may very well be the necessary shapes. Even though it&Number8217s probably that you simply included them, the problem can be quite a straightforward calling blunder. Apple inc delivers a number of new ways to establish your symbol companies, but the easiest way should be to follow our Undertaking Develop Controls information carefully, sticking with the report titles stated under Custom App Symbols. Don’t forget to brand the star picture records just like outlined, situation very sensitive, and include the example block of computer code with your develop.controls report.

&#8220This pack is unacceptable. […] Don’t post apps applying beta application.&#8221

If you see this, you&Number8217ve some how decided to make your software by deciding on a toy with test form of the iOS SDK with the Corona SDK create monitor. We occasionally make these offered to test with whenever a latest version of iOS is actually prepared to be released. The answer is usually to merely employ the modern output iOS option from your choice selection, if it prevails (note that in between new variations of os, we wear&#8217t assist you to select the &Number8220wrong&#8221 iOS SDK).

&Number8220This pack is broken. Latest apps and iphone app up-dates submitted to the Practical application Retail store must be created with community (General motors) variants of XCode 5.1.1 or better and os 7 SDK. Usually do not send software created with beta computer software.&Number8221

Ever since the Corona SDK develop hosts use Xcode, we actually handle this and yes it doesn&Number8217t impact your sort of Xcode. Beginning from Everyday Build #2305 we turned to working with Xcode 5.1.1 to create. Before this writing, this used the latest open develop (#2189 ), therefore we produced a new version on the most recent community build, #2189a for Beginner and Basic members that generates appropriately with Xcode 5.1.1. If you’ve found yourself this problem, it is best to possibly build that has a Every day Construct after Number2305 or upload #2189a .

&Number8220Your binary just isn’t optimized for apple iphone 5 &#8211 New apple iphone apps and iphone app improvements posted must support the 4-half inch display on apple iphone 5 and ought to incorporate a launch photograph together with the -568h sizing modifier immediately following the <basename> part of the start picture&Number8217s filename.&#8221

This particular one is simple. You need to include an graphic report with your actual venture directory site referred to as . This data file have to be 640 p wide andpixels high, in .png file format, focused for symbol even when your software is made for panorama alignment. Start to see the Challenge Build Settings guidebook for additional information.

&Number8220Improper Advertising and marketing Identifier [IDFA] Utilization. Your app offers the Promoting Identifier [IDFA] API but have not suggested its usage for the Get prepared for Distribute web site in i-tunes Connect.&Number8221

This particular one doesn&Number8217t crank out an ITMS-9000 miscalculation this means you will be irritating. The apple company has chipped recorded on using the IdentifierForAdvertisers function inside their SDK, of course, if you add&#8217t have got a business cause to use it, your iphone app are certain to get turned down. Just before we discuss steer clear of this being rejected, you need to understand what recent Corona develops can and can&Number8217t do:

  • If you use advertisings (AdMob, iAds, etc.), there should be no concerns.
  • If you use Twitter. you&Number8217ll have to look for the accurate checkbox to give Apple company&#8217s tests. Facebook works by using the IDFA for the following of &#8220publishedInstalls&Number8221 and then we had been instructed to take Fb out from the Corona main (iOS only) in Everyday Build Number2169 and provide it as being a wordpress tool. Should you&Number8217re constructing having an elderly variation and you&#8217re not making use of advertising or Twitter, Apple company will reject you. This can include the existing Images 1. create #1262 which will now are unsuccessful Apple&Number8217s prerequisite to develop with Xcode 5.1.1.
  • When you have on&#8217t use sometimes adverts or Fb, be sure you&#8217re building with Number2189a or in the future.

2) Coping with IDFA Use

Within apple company Link, once you&#8217re willing to distribute a fresh binary, you&#8217ll be asked about shield of encryption and advertising.

If you do not use adverts or Facebook, make sure that you simply select the No r / c switch as proven below. Take note. Apple mackintosh&Number8217s iAds doesn’t makes use of the IDFA so that you can choose no when you&#8217re only using iAds:

Otherwise, choose Of course and after that submit the base one half of the form:

  1. Should you&Number8217re using advertising, look at the Serve advertisements inside the software checkbox.
  2. If your practical application is being installed from some combination-promotion app or if you&Number8217re making use of Twitter, confirm the 2nd box.
  3. Lastly, look into the Restriction Offer Tracking establishing iOS checkbox.

3) Denials by apple company Hook up

They are very easy. For example, you published a binary however you&Number8217re lacking a display screen shot along with other little bit of metadata. Just deal with the issue in iTunes Hook up and also you should be able to publish your binary while not having to upload it once more.

You may also purchase an e-mail from The apple company moaning about Press Notification entitlements, but this is pushed aside.

4) Man Denials

Several days once you distribute your binary, a genuine individual reviewer will take a look at software. Apple has multiple clubs and several reviewers tend to be demanding as opposed to others, but many rejections is going to be granted on account of apparent pests or written content that Apple doesn&#8217t allow, including grown-up content material, internet sites &Number8220repackaged&Number8221 as programs, lower-excellent software, etc.

Keep in mind that if Apple inc denies your practical application because of a insect, you ought to reply and attempt to receive a &Number8220console firewood&Number8221 to examine. This will assist you to find the place that the mistake transpired.


Ideally this article has explained some frequent reasons why your software could possibly be denied by Apple and ways to solve them so that your hard work can reach the market place. Although Apple is constantly evolving and adjusting the distribution policies and quality standards, we at Corona Labs will work tough to make certain you can post blog that Apple will accept.

July 20, 2016 at 09:22

We have now received an application declined for the advert connected concern, which I consider other builders should become aware of about.

Our video game got an choose-in advert &Number8211 people could watch a Vungle movie advertising to generate our in activity money. To us, this sounded like a good way make use of advertising campaigns. The consumer only found them after figuring out they wished to, therefore the gaming knowledge has not been interrupted by show up adverts or bannners. I felt like successAndacquire scenario, people can be prone to become liked by them the advertising campaigns if they received chosen to view them, as an alternative to obtaining required in them, and in addition they were paid for the process.

The practical application was denied for violating this rule:
3.10: Builders who seek to change or be unfaithful the person critiques or chart ranking inside the Application Shop with fake or paid testimonials, or another unsuitable strategies will likely be taken off the iOS Creator Software.

Especially, there we were explained to that our software was managing the practical application store search rankings by rewarding customers for seeing ads for other software (at the.gary. a lot more adverts getting watched = far more downloads available for the practical application).

We nevertheless destination&Number8217t covered our head around the common sense on this conclusion, it appears to be at the hindrance to all or any functions:

User &#8211 can’t be revealed incentivized ads, only advertising which pop-up intrusively.
Devs a &Number8211 are not able to make the maximum amount of revenue by way of promoting.
Devs b &#8211 can not get downloading by promotion their applications in other programs.
Advertising services &Number8211 must i explain this particular one?
Apple inc themselves &#8211 a smaller amount apps being downloadable would suggest less staying spent in the application shop.

We&#8217re planning to make use of brand name ads as a substitute &#8211 since these plainly put on&#8217t adjust the iphone app store.
Looking forward to a lot more clarity from The apple company on the matter&Number8230

March 27, 2016 at 17:09

I am aware it becomes an older write-up, but it is important to note, that Rovio does just this for that online game &Number8216Retry&#8217


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